Athlete Sponsorship

Massage Concepts understands that high level athletes often devote so much time to their craft that they don't have time for jobs and the money to take care of their bodies.  With that being said, I would like to introduce the Massage Concepts Athlete Sponsorship Program.  By filling out the application found here, and emailing the application to with the subject Athlete Sponsorship, you will be considered for sponsorship through Massage Concepts.  What does that mean?  Below are some of the benefits of sponsorship through Massage Concepts.  

  • Exposure through the Massage Concepts brand on Social Media
  • 50% discount on regular service prices including bodywork sessions, personal training and movement screening and assessment
  • 10% discount on retail 
  • Partnership with Massage Concepts knowing that I will do everything in my power to help you reach your goals and beyond if you show up on time, show respect and display the work ethic required to reach those goals.  If you allow me to do what I do to the best of my ability, all I ask is that you share your experience with Massage Concepts.  

**Not all applicants will be accepted for sponsorship and sponsorship may be discontinued at any time for reasons I choose.  Part of being an athlete is not only how you perform in sport, but how your actions and performance in life**

 Sponsored Athletes

Ulice Payne III


Alisha Howk 












Bryce Sanders








Bryce has been active through sports his entire life from playing baseball, basketball, and soccer year round as well as soccer and tennis in high school. Intramural sports in college helped keep Bryce active but his passion for weight lifting came during a weightloss journey after graduating college in December of 2017 and has competed in 3 amateur powerlifting competitions with multiple 1st place wins in the deadlift. Bryce has had multiple surgeries on his chest ('08 & '10), a shoulder repair ('14), a fractured wrist ('19), and a torn Achilles ('20). Through all this Bryce stays resilient, motivated, and determined to be his best self. 
Bryce is looking forward to competing again and training smarter and harder than ever before.


Gabrielle Lord-Klein


Koral Sugiyama


Koral Sugiyama is an Idaho native with 10+ years of wrestling experience. Highlights of her prep career include being a Fargo National Cadet Finalist and 3x All-American. In 2014, Koral was the Body Bar champion and member of the FILA Cadet World Team.

The Campbellsville University alumni is a 4x WCWA All-American and a NAIA National finalist. During her collegiate career, Koral was also a Senior National Team Member in 2017.

Koral is actively training with Victory School of Wrestling and the Twin Cities RTC, and is focused on making more national teams at the Senior and World levels as well as chasing the Olympic dream.

Alex Schmidt