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E-Gift cards now available

Through Square, you can now buy E-Gift cards for Massage Concepts.  They come in a couple preset price ranges or you can pick any value you want.  The best part, put someone's email in and it goes right to them.  Also, you can send it too them right away or if they have a special day coming up, you can schedule it to arrive on that day.  So no running to the store, just jump online, click and done.  Click E-Gift Cards here to follow the link.  

For those of you that like a physical gift card or if you're looking for any deals that may be running at Massage Concepts, you can check the Online Store.

NEW--Check your gift card balance online

That's right.  Got a gift card from Massage Concepts and don't know what the balance is on the card?  Now you can check your balance online before you schedule your appointment.  Just click on the link below, put your card number in and see what your balance is, that's it.   

Check GC Balance