I am not the biggest fan of supplements, I think that most nutrition should come from the food that you eat.  That being said, I am also a father of 2 young boys and we don't always have time in the day to create healthy meals.  A lot of people are in the same situation and we have to get our nutrition from somewhere and quite frankly, buying from the local department store isn't usually the best option.  I will have on here the portals to the main 2 companies I use for supplements: Shaklee and Nutri-Dyn  I have used products from both of these companies intermittently and trust both of them, although I haven't explored their product lines extensively.  

Shaklee I like primarily for the Sports and Workout products, with their Electrolyte replacement being one of my favorites.  Also, depending on the formulation, their meal replacement shakes have been really good as well.  

Nutri-Dyn I really like for their Fruits & Greens supplement, some of their multi-vitamins, and meal replacement shakes.  

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